About PLAI Resort

Ski Resort PLAI is a great place for entertainment, sport activities and leisure and it was created to offer you Care, Peace and Health.

The holiday in Carpathians, combining scenic nature and excellent ecological conditions restores the character of a single city with numerous impressions.

Carpathians have been an attraction for people for a long time, enabling them to rest in the atmosphere of spiritual renovation and scenic nature.

Mountain ecology and opportunity to merge with nature is invaluable contribution into your health and spirit. Here you can fill yourself with internal nature harmony and recover your strength.

Location: Ski resort PLAI is situated in Skole district of Lviv region near Plavie village (Kyiv-Chop route) at the foot of the mountain group Plai, 600 metres above sea level.

Complex philosophy is that to satisfy all needs of human inner space, therefore we offer:

  • Complete infrastructure of the city of entertainment, sports and leisure;
  • The church of St. Archistratigus Mikhail to satisfy spiritual needs and keep the renovation traditions;
  • Sports and SPA-centre to satisfy your need for recovery of your strength and energy support;
  • Ski activities and ski school for everyone irrespective of age and physical training;
  • Kids Planet “Play” (Plai) – to have a good children-friendly rest in mountains;
  • The Museum of Boikivska and Hutsul Culture to restore historical and cultural property;
  • Up-to-date equipment for conferences, ski service, lifts, gym;
  • Delicious cuisine from masters of culinary art. We use only fresh products planted by Ukrainian farmers on their own farms. They cultivate their land; keep farm animals like it was years and years ago. Our meat and vegetables are nutritious and can be served to children since our culinary masters make their best to preserve nutritive properties of products.

We want your holidays to be filled with good impressions and memories. You will have a good holiday in an atmosphere of tale with exciting feelings and emotions among picturesque nature of Carpathians.