An amusing planet PLAY for kids

In the territory of sports complex you can find different amusements not only for yourself but also for your kids. An active and funny playground is located here on the second floor. We offer you a great opportunity to relax actively with your kids and make a remarkable holiday for them. The zone for children under 6 years old is equipped with a ball pool, building set for children, toys, slides.

Сhild’s café

Child’s café is situated in the territory of sports complex “Play” which is close to kid amusing zone. Kids and adults can spend time with pleasure in this café. Also you can celebrate birthdays, holidays and funny child’s games.

Bowling for Kids with sliding bumpers
  • Square: 490 sq. m
  • Number of lanes: 6
  • Sliding automatic bumpers for children
  • Company: Brunswick
  • Replaceable shoes

In bowling room of the sport complex “Play” you can relax, spend a good time, take part in amateur bowling tournaments, throw own party. Thanks to automatic bumpers kids can also enjoy the game.