TicketsMonday – FridaySaturday – Sunday
1 rise (yoke)5060
1 rise (chair)7080
Subscription half a day (09:00-13:00)350400
Subscription half a day (13:00-17:00)350400
Subscription 1 days700800
Subscription 2 days12501600
Subscription 3 days18602400
Subscription 4 days23403200
Subscription 5 days29003980

* – All holidays and weekends; 19.12.2018; 19.01.2018; 14.02.2018; 8.03.2018 та період з 29.12.2017 по 14.01.2018р.

– 2-5 days subscriptions, as well as lift tickets bought on weekdays from Monday to Friday, work only in this period until the full use is not necessarily in a row, except for the period from 29.12.2017 to 14.01.2018, all festive and weekend days; 01.19.2018; 02/02/2018; March 8, 2015

– Subscriptions with a validity period of 2-5 days, as well as lift tickets purchased during the period of Saturday-Sunday and from the period from 29.12.2017 to 14.01.2018 are valid until full use, not necessarily in a row on any day of the week without exception.

– A subscription can only be used by one person, resale and transfer of tickets to other persons is prohibited.

– When passing through the turnstiles there are time delays. Subscriptions used in violation of the rules are subject to automatic blocking.

– Funds for non-use or blocked tickets and subscriptions are not subject to return.

– Children under seven years, accompanied by parents, go to the lifts for free.

– Sledding is prohibited!!!