Teaching alpine skiing and snowboard sport to people of all ages.

There is a skier’s school at ski resort ‘Plai’ where professional instructors teach beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders improve their skills. Apart from studying, corporate events are held at the school.

 What are the benefits of skiing with the instructor?

First of all, skiing with the instructor is your safety.

The instructor knows skiing zones, terrain, he also takes into account the weather and conditions of snowed up slopes. The instructor will determine the level of skiing and he will teach you according to a program which agrees with your skills. The beginner, who is completely inexperienced, will be able to master the fundamentals of alpine skiing quickly and confidently only with the help of the professional instructor. The experienced skier will be able to improve his skills.

The equipment and skiing technique have been making progress recently. The instructors of our school will help you to remain at the forefront of the world alpine skiing. Your skiing technique will be up to date.

 The main tendencies of the school:

  • Teaching alpine skiing and snowboard sport to people of different ages;
  • The development of students’ abilities in the alpine skiing and snowboard sport;
  • Individual and group classes;
  • Improving the skills of skiing

School Coaching Staff

All the instructors have successfully passed the courses according to the international programs of trainer’s preparation of alpine skiing and snowboard sport and correspond the standards of ISIA.