Today, people tend to be closer to nature and all natural, healthy way of life. Phyto – bar in Spa center “Karpatska Ruzha” is a kind of rest and relaxation zone. You can quench your thirst and enhance the action of vitamins by fresh juices, useful beverages for our health and all sorts of teas. Fresh herbal tea  brings maximum benefit to the body. And of course water, every human body needs water which is able to support the process of life and purifies the body and stabilizes the balance.

There are also champagne and wine for you in phyto bar

Location: phyto bar is on the zero floor of Spa center “Karpatska Ruzha.”

Recreational Zone of Spa Centre “Carpathian Ruzha” is a place where everyone can have a rest and relax after physical exercises, saunas, and spa treatments. In recreational zone there are sunbeds, aromatherapy, and a pleasure picture – a big aquarium for soothing and balancing. It’s a perfect place to relax to the sounds of lounge music combined with a sense of comfort, relax and cosiness. The stuff of Spa Center “Carpathian Ruzha” brings a smile to everybody’s face and the feeling of cordiality.