The Roman bath of Spa center “Carpathian Ruzha”

Temperature: 40-55%. Humidity. : 90-100.
In Rome, the bath played a role of hygienic bath treatments, steam, gym and massage that supports the body in perfect physical shape. In the Roman bath a fast metabolism in the human body is taken place which effectively leads to the weigh loss. High temperature, thick soft steam and humidity leads to copious sweating and body, is well heated and cleaned.

Features and Benefits
  • Accelerates metabolism;
  • Relieves muscle tension;
  • Normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular, respiratory, thermoregulating and endocrine systems;
  • Cleans the skin when pores are opened and removes dead cells of the skin.


The finish sauna Temperature: 90-110%. Humidity: 5-15

The sauna is the main means of recreation for the Finns. The main feature of the sauna is the ability to take away the fatigue of the human body. The Finns believed that the gentle heat of the Finnish steam room is needed for the body. Hot stones are watered to get dry steam in the sauna. The sauna is dry heat with low humidity and high temperature.

Features and advantages
  • The dilatation of blood vessels;
  • The training of cardiovascular system;
  • The lowering of a blood pressure;
  • The reduction of weight;
  • The improvement of the skin;
  • The influence on the vegetative and central nervous system;
  • The improving of the immune system;
  • The relaxation of muscles;
  • Getting rid of toxins (detoxification).


The Russian bath of Spa center “Carpathian Ruzha” Temperature: 45-65%. Humidity:: 40-60

The Russian bath, emphasizes the aroma of warm wood and natural aromatic oils, is situated in the Carpathians. The Russian bath is considered to have the most intense effect on the human body. The Slavic bath because of adding water which contains aromatic oils on hot stones has extremely positive effect on the respiratory tract. Under the influence of high temperature of air the outflow of blood from brains is taken place and blood flow to organs is strengthened.

Features and advantages
  •  Getting rid of toxins from the body;
  • Psychological and nervous relaxation;
  •  Proper functioning of the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems;
  • Stabilizes mental level and improves mental ability;
  •  Muscle tone, stress and emotional activity are reduced;
  • It’s effective in fighting with extra weight.


The Turkish bath of Spa center “Carpathian Ruzha” Temperature: 35-45 % Humidity: 90-100

A Turkish bath – hammam or ‘those who give the warmth’. Comfortable temperature in the bath is its important component for those who are hard to feel high temperature of other saunas. High humidity and warm steam is the main secret of this bath. Dry heat causes to drying of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. The steam penetrates the body gently. The aromatic oils which form foamy clouds are used in the bath. In the Turkish bath of Spa center “Carpathian Ruzha” you will get gentle warmth, cosy atmosphere and pleasure for your body.

Features and advantages
  • Comfortable temperature for the human body;
  • Cleaning the body;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and slag;
  • Stimulating of the immune and nervous systems.
Bath procedures:
  • Washing;
  • Steaming out;
  •  Scrubbing;
  • Peeling;
  • Soap massage.


The hay bath

In the old days the beds in hay rooms were set for royal people. It was a pleasure to sleep there. Ever since the ancient times, our ancestors knew the efficiency of such a bath.

  • Skin appearance is improved;
  • Muscle tone is improved;
  • A severe sweating is taking place and the work of the sebaceous glands activates;
  • The all human body is purified;
  • Toxins and slag are removed from the body;
  • Cellulite and swellings disappear;
  • The body becomes more flexible because of disappearing of aches and spasms in the muscles, joints and ligaments;
  • Vessels and heart are trained;
  • In the hay room natural and noticeable weight loss takes place;

An incredible bliss comes after the hay. The procedure gives a wonderful rest and promotes a proper sleep. Aromatic plants and herbs – mint, yarrow, clover, geranium, agrostis, forget- me-nots and other meadow herbs are used for the hay room. Aromatic herbs were collected to heel not only body but the soul also.