Today people strive to be closer to nature and become keen on using natural things more and more. People are getting used to healthy life. Fresh-Bar in our Shafran SPA-centre is a kind of recreational and relax zone. You can satisfy your thirst and nourish your body with vitamins drinking fresh juices, healthy drinks and various tea and herbal mixes. Fresh herbal tea shall be very good for your health. And of course water, it comes to the first place, since every human being can not do without water. It supports all vital processes, cleanses our body and supports water balance.

Location:  Fresh-Bar is located on the second floor of SPA-center Shafran.

Leisure area of Shafran SPA-centre is a place where you can have a rest and relax after physical activities, saunas and spa-treatment. Here you can lie on a couch, enjoy aromatherapy and watch two big aquariums in order to calm down and reach tranquility. This is a perfect place to have a rest to the strains of lounge-music combined with comfort. Feel relaxed and comfortable. The staff of Shafran SPA-centre shall always give you a warm welcome with a smile.