SPA-centre offers a gym with fitness equipment good for people with different physical training. Here you will find both medical and sport exercise equipment conforming to high class standards. You can take an advantage of using professional gym equipped with machines intended for various types of muscles. Each our guest will definitely find proper equipment for himself.


  • We want that our guests are pleased and satisfied after doing their training in our gym. You can train here to get slimmer, to increase your muscles mass, to improve your muscles endurance, or to keep your body fit, healthy and in a good shape.

Fitness equipment:

Cardio equipment and power training equipment

  • Sport inventory for doing power exercises with additional weight (grips, discs and kettle bells);
  • Block-type (with weight-scale built-in);
  • Weight-training (with free weights);
  • Equipment under ones own weight;
  • Exercise bikes;
  • Run tracks;
  • Steps;
  • Rowing machines.

Fitness room
1 hour120
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