Finnish sauna Temperature: 90-110°C

The Finns consider sauna the best way to repair your health. Sauna helps to take off the effects of fatigue of your body. The Finns consider that soft heat of Finnish sauna is very useful for human organism. If you pour some water onto hot stones you will get dry steam. Finnish sauna means dry steam with low humidity and high temperature.

Health benefits:
  • Expends blood vessels;
  • Improves cardiovascular performance;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Helps to lose weight;
  • Improves your skin;
  • Good for vegetal and central nervous system;
  • Improves immunity;
  • Helps to relax muscles;
  •  Helps to expel toxins (detoxication).
Ice room in Shafran SPA-centre

Down the ages cold training of your body was deemed to be the best method to keep yourself young and healthy. Many nationalities consider temperature makes positive effect on human body. When you feel too hot you have to cool your body and vice-versa. When doing so we restore the balance of our body. Train your body by feeling cold wind and rub your body with ice.

Roman bath in Shafran SPA-centre
Temperature: 40-55°C

The Romans used bathhouse for hygienic purposes, steaming, gymnastics and massage to keep their body fit. Sauna procedures increase metabolism which helps to lose weight more effectively. High temperature, thick and soft steam and high humidity result in active sweating, your body is warmed up and cleansed.

Health benefits:
  • Increases metabolism;
  • Improves cardiovascular system, respiratory system, thermal and endocrine systems;
  • Relaxes muscles;
  • Helps to cleanse skin by opening pores and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Salt therapy room in Shafran SPA-centre

Is fully covered with salt. Salt therapy means treatment and rehabilitation with salt. Salt room is a kind of Treatment Cave. Here you will breathe in micro particles of pure natural salt. Salty Cave is enriched with salt negative ions which get into the respiratory system. This is an artificial way to create microclimate of underground salt caves and salt mines; this treatment is based on healing properties of salt. This is highly recommended to asthmatics, as well as healthy people, smokers, those who keep snoring, have insomnia and those people who deal with industrial dust in excess on a day-to-day basis.

Health benefits:
  • Effective treatment of respiratory diseases;
  • Helps to cure skin problems;
  •  Induces easy and good breathing;
  • Helps to heal ear-infections;
  • Cleans bronchial tubes;
  • Good for overall rehabilitation and wellness;
  • Helps to flush waste and toxins;
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation;
  • Helps to reduce cellulite;
  • Good to treat all types of allergies.
Cedar Bio-sauna

Ecological sauna with a temperature maintained at the level which is the most comfortable for human body. Due to soft atmosphere the external lay of your skin becomes soft and this helps to exfoliate dead cells from the skin. In Bio-sauna natural stone is used, a natural mineral, it stabilizes positive energy effect. Another healing ingredient used here is Canadian Cedar which is highly ecological. When sauna is heated you can feel cedar aroma. Cedar is used to cure stress, nervous tension, and headache.

Health benefits:
  • Enhances nervous system;
  • Stabilizes arterial tension;
  • Improves kidneys and urinary system performance;
  • Releases from chronic fatigue;
  • Improves your skin;
  • Has good anti-cellulite effect;
  • Burns calories;
  • Deepens the effect of massages and cosmetic procedures.
Russian banya in Shafran SPA-centre. Temperature: 50-50°C

Russian banya which is in Carpathian locality highlights the aroma of warm wood and natural aromatic oils. Russian banya is a particular type of sauna which has great effect on human body. Slavic banya is extremely effective for respiratory system since the water with aromatic oils is poured on the heated stones. Hot air stimulates drainage of blood from the brain and improves blood circulation over the other parts of the body.

Health benefits:
  • Sweating expels metabolic waste;
  • Relieves stress and induces psychological and nervous relaxation;
  • Improves functioning of respiratory system, bones and muscles;
  • Stabilizes mental state and improves mental capacity;
  • Relaxes muscles, reduces overall tension and emotional activity;
  • Effective for people with excess weight.
Infrared sauna
Temperature: 45-50°C

Infrared waves are natural waves produced by any heating object. These are harmless for people’s health. In the middle of sauna premises you will find special infrared radiators producing heat waves which rays get into the human body (4 cm deep) warming up deep.

Health benefits
  • Deep warming of your body in a temperature of up to 55°C;
  • Deeper cleansing of your body;
  • Infrared waves enter your body to warm up your bones, muscles and joints;
  • Helps to decrease the level of cholesterin in your blood;
  • Stabilizes blood pressure;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Strengthens immune system;
  • Helps to relax, releases from headache and muscles tension;
  • Helps to lose weight safely and effectively, good for digestive apparatus;
  • Antibacterial and cellulite systems are used;
  • Helps to enhance skin regeneration, cleanse and restore skin cells.

 Subscription for saunaSauna
10:00-15:003001min- 7 UAH
10:00- 21:00400