Massage room

Massage is a special manipulation of your muscles and skin; this is the best method to relax your body. Today there are a lot of types and methods of massage and you can choose the one which shall be especially effective for you, your body, and your muscles reflex activity. Massage combines methods of healing and relaxation. Massage is used to heal spine diseases, excess weight, rheumatic disease, depression, heart failure.
Types of massage:

  • Classic;
  • Lymphatic drainage – this is a technique to stimulate the lymphatic system that helps to reduce cellulite. It helps to correct lymph flow and wash toxins out of tissues, stimulate circulation of healthy micro-organisms over the parts of the body, remove excess liquid from your body. This is intensive and effective treatment of cellulite;
  • Therapeutic (not aggravated chronic diseases of internal parts of the body, disorders of central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of locomotive system, failures in metabolic processes);
  • Anti-cellulite;
  • Medical;
  • Relaxing.
Cosmetology room
  • Facial care;
  • SPA-capsule – complex effect to your body. This is innovative technology, which helps to lose excess weight. The method combines effects of both infra-red warmth with steam, and shower system. When using this capsule it is good to apply body wrap and various masks, these will be especially active. Due to high temperature of steam skin pores open and biological substances are better absorbed by the skin. Dry SPA-capsule treats your body with warm air with application of aroma oils, hydro-massage, chromo-therapy, and aroma therapy.
Health benefits:
  • Loss of weight;
  • Relaxation;
  •  Boost of energy;
  • Good sleep;
  •  Regeneration;
  • Anti-cellulite effect;
  • Facial care;
  • Detoxication;
  • Very helpful to improve your health.


Is medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. This method means healing with sea air, sea weeds, marine mud, salt and saline baths. This kind of therapy was first used in Tunisia where people first started using sea products for therapeutic purposes. During such therapy the skin absorbs all necessary and healthy microelements.
Body wrap:

special biomass is applied to your body and afterwards the body is wrapped into thick cloth. Thus, due to increase of body temperature your skin shall better absorb active substances.
Health benefits:

  • Helps to relax;
  • Helps to renovate the body;
  • This is a good treatment of allergies;
  • Takes care of problem skin;
  • Has anti-cellulite effect.
Physiotherapeutic room
  • Pressotherapy (effective method to reduce cellulite, lose excess weight and treat edema caused by failures in blood and lymph circulation, and perfect method to prevent varicose veins. This is rhythmic stimulation of muscles that helps to rid your body of excess liquid and expels toxins from the body.
  • 2 Ceragem massage nephrite beds. Massage bed massages soft tissues of your back, also warming up with infrared rays and stretching the spine is helpful. The massage intensity depends on the body weight pressing onto the massage rollers. Warming is possible due to carbon panels.
Beauty Salon

Hair studio

  • Classic;
  • Apparatus pedicure;
  • Enzymatic pedicure (effective procedure that helps to peel away dead skin from your feet by applying special acid mass).
  • Paraffin baths (treats flaky skin, heals micro-cracks, nourishes your skin, slows down aging process, and prevents bones deformation).

New tanning technologies are available. We use vertical tanning booth of MegaSun line. Special-purpose ultraviolet radiation lamps provide for safe and homogeneous sun tan effect produced by modern technologies.

  • Classic;
  • European (nails correction, usage of remover and orange stick to removing cuticle, and nippers to remove calluses, application of scrub and cuticle oil);
  •  SPA-manicure (helps the client to relax, used to fix the result of manicure with a long-lasting effect, and prevents your nails from breaking and peeling).