SPA bath and hydrotherapy in our SPA-centre Shafran helps to relax your body, to feel each of your body areas (arms, legs, back, and waist) treated with hydro massage which tones up, revitalizes and restores human body. Such water treatment helps to improve functioning of entire organism, improve elasticity of all tissues and stabilize the arterial tension.

You may use it to relax your muscles, lose excess weight, reduce cellulite and improve your metabolism.

SPA-centre Shafran includes 7 hydro-massage baths (Jacuzzi). We offer preventive water-therapy together with comfort leisure in Carpathians.

Baths temperature: 33-34 °C.

 Health benefits:

  • Affecting your body with jet of water;
  • Improving blood circulation in your body;
  • Reducing cellulite (affecting the subcutaneous tissue by improving metabolism);
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Varicose veins preventive therapy and treatment;
  • Water treatment is highly recommended for those with traumas and fractures;
  • Water treatment helps to relax and calm nervous system;
  • Improves your skin, helps to cleanse and enhance the functioning of both sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • Improves your muscles and joints condition.

 Emotions Shower from SPA-centre Shafran.

Enjoy a fascinating emotional impact in combination of hydro, aroma and chromo therapy. Strong feelings provide us with energy boost. Humans are always positive about feeling the nature in their bodies, we are able to perceive and hear the noise of water and rain, the crackle of fire, flavors and aromas.

Emotions Shower is a special system that is very close to nature phenomena and helps to feel things that are essential for humans, like that of various sounds and flavors.

 Emotions Shower means

  • different temperature settings;
  • the range of light effects (lightning and acoustic effects);
  • different aromas (flowers, herbs and fruits);

You can enjoy body massage and skin cleansing. This is all possible either by soft touch of water or using an intensive jet. This is a new and elite kind of spa-treatment which you may use while staying in Carpathians in our SPA-centre Shafran.

SPA bath7
Baths temperature33-34°C
Emotions ShowerYes
1 hour160
Next 15 min40
 Subscription for pools
10:00- 21:00350